In the wake of COVID-19, the Michigan Dairy in Livonia, Michigan lead by HR Leader Randy Kabban recognized an opportunity to change their way of thinking when it comes to associate safety while maintaining the high quality standards they have set for their customers. They installed clear plastic dividers for handwashing sinks, implemented stringent social distancing guidelines and utilized the power of their associates’ feedback to create additional new innovative solutions to make the dairy a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.


While some of these new changes were challenging to adapt to at first, the associates in the plant saw an increase in their production tonnage of over 39% in just 3 short months even with these new guidelines in place.  The team is incredibly proud of the steps they put in place to keep each other safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Watch Randy and his team share what they’ve learned to create a “new normal” that works for their whole team.


To learn more about all our safety tips and best practices, view our Blueprint, here.