Columbus Floral associate wins national contest to have her Kroji featured in upcoming commercial

Columbus associate Danielle admits when she first heard Kroger associates could create their own Kroji and enter a social media contest to have her Kroji featured in a 2020 Marketing campaign, she was skeptical. At first, she “thought it was a joke.” But it didn’t take long for the 21-year old Floral associate to be convinced.


“I figured it was a fun way for us to get engaged [with the new brand]. Once I made my Kroji, I posted it to my Twitter account,” said Danielle. In February, leaders from the division along with the General Office Corporate Affairs team surprised Danielle with the news that her Kroji was chosen as the winner and would be featured in a national marketing campaign!


Since February, the team has been working hard to accurately depict Danielle as a Kroji, and we’re excited to finally debut her commercial! We gave Danielle the opportunity to see a sneak preview, and she invited her mom and grandparents to join her in seeing it for the first time. You can hear the excitement in their voices, the clapping and shouts of joy as they watch along, and Danielle followed up with an email later in the day saying, ”After watching the commercial for the 10th time, I found all the little details to be to perfection. My scarf, the beauty mark, the books are just a delight! The details are amazing, especially the textures! My family is hopping for joy. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see this.”


You, too, can see Danielle’s debut and hear her reaction in the video above. And watch for the commercial to air nationwide beginning Wednesday, June 3!