Everyone has a favorite food that reminds them of home. My wife is from Canada and loves ketchup chips. In southwestern Ohio, where we live, if you ask for ketchup chips someone may hand you a bag of chips and a bottle of ketchup!

Many people, like my wife, have moved and miss the foods that remind them of home. Through the work we’re doing in Digital, my wife—and anyone else who misses that special taste of home—will be able to order anything, anytime, anywhere– all with the click of a button. Because our digital shopping experience lets you shop our products and ship them to your home, even if there isn’t a Kroger store nearby.


Like many families, mine spends quite a bit of time each week meal planning. Digital’s goal over time is to enable our customers to be able to plan a week’s worth of meals in 5-10 mins. Imagine a world where you swipe left or right a few times, and everything you needed for the week was automatically added to your digital shopping cart! And then imagine that our voice assistant or mobile app walks you through step-by-step how to make the delicious meals that we’ve planned out for you.


Making meal time simple and convenient for our customers – that’s the world my team and I are creating.


I manage roughly 80 product managers and 40 product designers who spend their days running our different digital channels. Each day is different, and we love it! I spend most of my time empowering our teams to run autonomously and collaborating with our partners within the business. I want to establish an environment that rewards intelligent risk-taking, even if that means that failure is a possibility. It’s in that environment that real change comes about. Together we work to solve issues and make decisions that create a faster process and allow for more changes in a dynamic way.


I love to learn and solve problems. I spent 11 years in college learning everything I could. Now I spend my time looking at the problems the company is trying to solve for our customers and associates and how I can empower our team to solve them.


I joined Kroger because here, I have the opportunity to redefine how America thinks about, plans for, and provides food for their families. We’re thinking bigger and we’re thinking different.


We imagine a totally different grocery shopping experience and a world where our customers can get the products they want – even ketchup chips!


I am Zachary Hensley, senior director of Product Management and design for Digital.



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