When it comes to food, we want it not only to be delicious, but also meet our customer’s specific needs. I noticed this one day at lunch, overhearing a guest ask for non-dairy coconut milk for her coffee.

After being told they didn’t have it, I realized that my team at Kroger could provide a solution. Our invention: Simple Truth; Original (and vanilla) Powdered Coconut Milk Creamer.


This dairy-free creamer comes in a slim packet that fits in your pocket with no refrigeration needed. It’s basically your own portable coffee creamer solution.


At my job at Kroger, I help develop products people don’t realize they need. These unique products help grow loyalty amongst Kroger customers – and make their lives easier. My typical day involves customer research and store field trips all of which help me find these “sweet spots,” or innovative opportunities, in today’s food industry. Once we discover an innovative opportunity, my creative team and I brainstorm hundreds of product solutions from the needs we’ve uncovered. Cutting it down to the chosen few, we start bringing them to life.


What’s my prediction for the future of food? “Ever-evolving.” And because of that, I want to keep growing, teaching, and learning how to be a better leader and problem-solver. I want to remain curious and continue asking questions to better understand the pain points and challenges real people face. And I want everything I do to be rooted in empathy – for both our customers and my co-workers. That’s my legacy.


I’m Nicole Davis and I am Kroger’s Senior Innovation Manager, Our Brands. Check out the Our Brands line that includes Simple Truth™, Private Selection™, Kroger® brand and more.



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