“I made it.”


Those are the words Lashenda Williams said when she finished sharing her story. Through her struggles and triumphs, two things have never wavered … her fighting spirit and her intense passion for loving others. As the self-proclaimed “Kroger spiritual mother,” she prays for each customer and fellow associate as she walks around the store. Her main goal each day is to love and uplift everyone she encounters. One of her customers, VL Williams, wanted to show how much he appreciated her, and his kind gesture snowballed rapidly.


In the modern day of technology, Facebook has been a valuable platform to show an outpouring of support. After hearing the news that Williams’ favorite Kroger associate was getting her own apartment, he decided to not only donate some of his assets but reach out to the East Nashville community to do the same. The offers came flooding in and more than 200 people reached out to help. Lashenda was overwhelmed but not surprised by the generosity shown from the residents of East Nashville. As she always says, “if you give love, you will receive as much if not more love back.” Love is at the heart of Lashenda’s drive, passion, and attitude and as you can see in this video, love does conquer all.