“To whom it may concern, I was wondering if there was any way for the Kroger company – specifically stores in Cincinnati – to send a few boxes of BBQ Grippo’s to my unit deployed in Afghanistan right now. We just got here, so we’ll be here for the holidays. I could share the chips with everyone, seeing as how they are only found in Cincinnati. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful day.” – SSG Nicholas Garber

All it took was that message from Staff Sergeant Nicholas Garber. When Cincinnati/Dayton Division office associates heard about the social media post, they jumped to action to help uplift the soldiers.  The response was an immediate “YES! We’d love to surprise and delight the unit.”


Surprise and delight they did! Not only did the Kroger team send two boxes of BBQ Grippo’s chips, as requested, they sent 100 pounds worth of Cincinnati favorites, snacks, magazines, chap stick and tissues, playing cards, Kroger swag and personalized holiday cards to uplift the unit while away from their families.


“Our team brainstormed, and everyone came up with items to add. Plus, we added personalized Christmas cards for additional cheer for our local heroes! It was uplift for all of us too!” says Rachel Betzler, Customer Communications manager for the Cincinnati/Dayton Division.