It’s BBQ season, which means it’s time for delicious grilled delights!

Because we know meals matter, we want food to be an experience for everyone—no matter the diet or lifestyle. So, we asked our expert chefs at our Culinary Innovation Center to create a few delicious cookout recipes, pictured below, for vegan, keto, diabetic, gluten-free, and traditional barbecue goers.


For Vegans, how about sinking your teeth into a Red Lager & Roasted Tomato Barbeque Crispy “Chicken” Pasta Salad? This recipe (below), artfully crafted by Kroger Chef Shelly Thompson, is perfect for those who don’t eat meat or animal products but still want to enjoy a mouth-watering barbecue.
“This indulgent pasta salad uses crispy meatless patties as a stand-in for chicken and a good source of protein. The flavorful Private Selection Red Ale & Roasted Tomato BBQ sauce makes this pasta salad a standout as an easy weeknight vegan meal, or as a great side dish for your next BBQ,” says Chef Shelly.



Kroger Culinary Innovation Center Dietitian Ashley Martinez, MFN, RDN, LD created a recipe (below) for Grilled Bourbon & Balsamic Cauliflower Steaks with Garlic Pulled Chicken and Rainbow Carrots for those of you following the Ketogenic diet. This diet prescribes high-fat foods with a low-carb intake to make the body burn off fat versus carbs for fuel.
“This low-carb recipe adds a twist on a traditional steak, adding an abundance of fresh vegetables and a touch of essential protein to keep you feeling full longer without the additional cravings,” says Dietitian Ashley.



Here’s a great option for those with Gluten sensitivity—a protein found in wheat. Kroger Culinary Innovation Center Product Development Chef Brandon Fortener has created Cabbage Wedge with Charred Corn Salad (pictured below), a dish with the same great-tasting barbecue flavor that you’ll find when you bite into a traditional recipe.
“The cabbage wedges help you pick up the wonderful flavor of smoky char on the outside while steaming the inside for tenderness,” says Chef Brandon. “The corn salad brings together the sweet crunch of the corn with the creaminess of the avocado that is brought to life with the lime and chili pepper.”


Traditional Remixed

We also wanted to provide a dish for Traditional barbeque lovers without dietary restrictions. So, Kroger Culinary Innovation Center Product Development Chef Alissa Weldy cooked up a modern-day twist on an old favorite – wings! See her recipe below for Pale Ale and Mustard Chicken Wings with Spicy Bleu Cheese Slaw.
“The floral, fruity and bitter balance of the pale ale with the tangy mustard is complementary, making this a great sauce for chicken wings,” says Chef Alissa. “We took the blue cheese dressing and celery that usually accompanies chicken wings a la carte and turned it into a spicy summer slaw.”


Finally, what’s a barbeque without a sweet dessert to cap off the meal? For many Diabetics who minimize sugar in their diet, Ashley has a perfect solution: Grilled Peach Pistachio A-La-Mode (pictured below).
“The combination of fibrous fruit and rich protein creates a perfect combo for a diabetes-friendly recipe that not only delivers a sweet and indulgent flavor but manages your blood sugar spike, too,” says Ashley.

So as Summer’s coming to an end, do your last barbeque in style with these delicious recipes below. Your guests will be delighted that there’s truly something for everyone at the table.



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