Who is Joe Mimran, the iconic fashion designer behind Kroger’s new label, Dip?

A year ago, if you asked Joe Mimran his favorite dip he likely would have told you hummus. Now, he has a different answer.
He’s no ordinary Joe. By day, he leads design for Kroger’s exclusive new clothing line, Dip, and does consulting. By night, he spends time with his wife, four children, and dog named Max – whose black and white coloring perfectly matches their home decor. Surprised? Neither are we. When asked his favorite music genre, he couldn’t narrow it down. He has many Spotify lists – all of which give him inspiration. He’s an avid art collector who loves a good bourbon, enjoys reading and always has room in his closet for a perfect striped tee shirt, side-stripped jogger and sweatshirt, some of the featured designs of Dip, modeled by Kroger associates and their kids featured here.

But don’t let his love of streetwear fool you, Joe’s exposure to high-fashion came at a young age. While you might remember your first Starter jacket or acid-wash jeans, Joe remembers the various fabrics, buttons, and mannequins throughout his home. This inspiration stemmed from having a mother who was a couture designer for private clients.
His family moved to Canada from Morocco, Joe’s birthplace, in the late 1950’s. He received a degree in Arts as well as Commerce before pursuing his CPA certificate (Certified Public Accountant). Fashion was always his dream, but he wanted a business background to build a successful brand.
He gets his strong work ethic from his parents, and with his mother and brother, they started the brand Alfred Sung in the late 1970s. Joe did everything from fixing buttonhole machines and rolling fabrics to designing product and processing payroll. He saw an opportunity in the market for high-fashion, low priced goods and, in 1985, launched Club Monaco which now sells in storefronts throughout Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Club Monaco was eventually sold to Ralph Lauren but still operates a flagship store in New York City. Joe also launched the Joe Fresh and Caban brands throughout his career. And today, Joe is passionate and excited about Dip and the style, quality and design it brings to Kroger’s customers and associates at an affordable price.
Now you know Joe.