From a 17-foot store front to number 20 on the Fortune 500 list, Barney Kroger spread the neighborhood grocery store across the nation.

In 1883, Barney Kroger used his life savings to open his first grocery store in downtown Cincinnati. However, his humble beginnings didn’t last long. Thanks to hard work, attention to detail and consistent service to his customers, the Kroger brand quickly spread – and just 25 years after opening his first store, Kroger had more than 100 locations.


With customers at the center of everything he did – Barney Kroger was revolutionizing the grocery experience. He baked his own bread, so he could pass the savings along to his customers – and for convenience, he was the first to put a butcher shop inside a grocery store.


Today, Kroger is operating more than 2,500 stores from coast to coast. And while today’s stores look fundamentally different than Barney’s original store, our commitment to the customer remains the same.


From horse-drawn carriage to home-delivery, as we celebrate our 135 year anniversary, Kroger remains dedicated to Barney’s vision and his dedication to the customer.