One in eight people living in Nevada experience food insecurity. Accompanied by the highest unemployment rate in the nation due to the looming effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the likelihood of going hungry occupies the minds of many throughout the silver state. HopeLink, a non-profit organization in Southern Nevada, is committed to providing financial assistance, food, essentials, and other support until clients can regain employment and retain self-sufficient income.


“Three out of four HopeLink clients are children or low-income seniors who will go hungry without immediate help from our organization,” said Executive Director Stacey Lockhart.


While trying their hardest to keep pantry shelves stocked to meet the ever-growing need, HopeLink began to struggle to provide for the community. Smith’s recognized an opportunity for partnership to feed the thousands of clients seeking food assistance while furthering our vision of a world with zero hunger and zero waste. This spring, Smith’s proudly donated $40,000 to HopeLink through our Kroger Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation, Emergency COVID-19 Response Fund.


“This amazing grant will meet at least 75% of our annual food assistance needs to provide for all clients,” Stacey said.


As a pillar within this shared community we call home, Smith’s is incredibly proud to support our neighbors in need. It has been said that bread is food for the body, knowledge is food for the mind, and generosity is food for the soul.


Jaimie Graves, Smith’s associate and HopeLink volunteer stated, “We all need a little bit of help sometimes; it serves has a good reminder that we could all find ourselves in this same situation at one time or another. It is always good to do something for others who may need help.”