“Her enthusiasm for community charities is infectious and it makes a positive impact here on campus.”

Tammy Marmol was no stranger to leading volunteer events when she took on Fred Meyer’s volunteerism at the Oregon Food Bank two years ago. From participating in Relay for Life to giving her time at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Tammy, an ASP in our Portland office, has always embodied Our Purpose, to Feed the Human Spirit. That’s why when the Oregon Food Bank needed someone to take the lead on organizing events for Fred Meyer associates, Tammy was more than willing to step up, and we’re proud to name her one of this year’s Zero Heroes.


“Tammy is our go-to volunteer lead for so many things here at the Portland campus—including the volunteer shifts at Oregon Food Bank,” says Juliana Baseman, ASP, Buying. “[Her] enthusiasm for community charities is infectious and it makes a positive impact here on campus.”


The volunteer events that she organizes at the Oregon Food Bank are always a fun way for participants to spend their time giving back and helping those in their community who struggle with hunger.


“It’s really a team environment,” says Tammy. “We’ll have races between stores to see who can pack the boxes the fastest, there’s fun music, and everyone feels good about giving their time to help out the people in our community.”


From her extensive experience volunteering, Tammy has built lasting relationships with people from many different backgrounds and situations. Regardless of where someone come from or the hardships they might be facing, it’s Tammy’s goal to ensure they at least have a meal they can count on.


“Those experiences help build you as a person and show you that everyone’s got something special to give to the world,” she says. “And every now and then, we all need a little help.”


Tammy says that her work with the foodbank has really made her think about the importance of eliminating food waste at home.


“It’s a shame when you throw something away and you know that someone else is going hungry,” she says.


This is the fundamental absurdity in our food system: 40% of the food produced in the U.S. is thrown away, yet 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger. However, with our size, scale and dedicated associates like Tammy, we can do something about it. Learn more about how you can help end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste here.